The Mack Theater

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request you show a favorite movie?

We encourage our patrons to let us know what they would like to see. We are always open to new ideas. We make ever effort to get the movies that you request. Please let us know by emailing your request to us at

Can you send me an email telling me what's playing this week?

Yes, join the Mack Theater Mailing List and receive weekly announcement via email.

When are show times?

Currently running movies are updated weekly and are listed on our Now Showing page.

What are you showing next week?

For a list of movies we anticipate showing, see our Coming Attractions page.

How much do you charge for admission?

Regular admission is $6.00 with all early shows in brackets ( ) $4.50. Loge seating (really fancy seating) is an additional $1.50 per admission. Seniors (62 and over) and children (12 and under) admission is $4.50 for all shows.

Where is the Mack Theater Located?

We are located in historic downtown McMinnville, Oregon, USA near the corner of Third & Evans Streets. Our address is 510 NE Third Street. See the map on our Directions page.

How do I find out why a movie received it's rating or if it's suitable for my child?

Rating information is available at

How do I find out about advertising on the Mack Theater screen?

See our Contact page or call the business line (503) 472-3343.

How can I contact the Mack Theater?

See our Contact page.

When was the theater built?

The Mack Theater was built in 1941. See our historical photographs on our History page.

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